Up to $25 dollars off ecobee Smart Thermostats

Get your customers ready with hot deals for hotter days.

Summer season is coming. Get your customers ready with ecobee and visit your favorite distribution branch today. The offer ends March 31st, 2023.

Why ecobee?

Simple installation

Comes with everything you need for quick installation, including Power Extender Kit for homes without a C-wire.

Outstanding features

Built-in features like a voice-enabled speaker*, air quality monitoring* and advanced radar technology.

Save more energy, automatically

Up to 26%** savings on heating and cooling costs for your customers.

Sensing superpowers

ecobee SmartSensors deliver balanced comfort to your customers and help manage hot and cold spots in the home.

5-year warranty

Industry-leading warranty when installed by a pro like you. (Smart Thermostats)