Safe Service is Our First Priority


Things may look a little different at our branches. That’s because Safe Service is our first priority. To protect Our Crew and Customers, we are doing a lot of little things that make a big difference. 

Our Crew Care 

Requirements have been put in place to ensure that care, caution, and attention to detail extend to the parts of the business Customers do not see. 

  • Our branch managers are following CDC guidance on how and when to exclude Our Crew that are diagnosed, sick or exposed. Managers are monitoring Our Crew for symptoms. Anyone who displays symptoms is asked to stay home and not return based on CDC guidance. 
  • When clocking in for their shift, Our Crew Members are prompted to review a list of symptoms, including those of COVID-19. They know not to clock-in, but to go home if they are experiencing symptoms or have experienced symptoms in the past 24 hours. 
  • Thermometers are available to our Branch Managers for Our Crew Members to be able to check their temperatures before entering the branch. 
  • Our Crew Members are wearing face masks, or other face cover protection, in alignment with the CDC’s recommendation to help prevent the spread. It is important to know, as to not limit availability for medical personnel and first responders, AC Supply is not procuring medical-grade masks or face protection. 
  • All Crew Members must wash re-wearable masks after their shifts end and prior to reuse. 

 Hand Washing 

All of our procedures are developed in strict adherence to CDC and FDA guidelines. The CDC and Surgeon General have advised hand washing with soap and water and alcohol-based hand rubs are the most effective ways to reduce risks of transmitting an infection. 

  • Crew Members have been instructed to wash their hands at an even greater frequency and to sanitize hands more regularly. 

Social Distancing 

Our Crew has been innovating new procedures to help our branches remain vigilant about social distancing and limit any physical contact with Customers during this time. Here are a few examples of changes we are maintaining: 

  • To help Branch Crew Members maintain six-feet separation from each other and Customers whenever possible, branches have been equipped with visual diagrams with guidelines. 
  • Social distancing floor decals will be placed at least six feet apart along a walking path (inside and outside), and to the restrooms. 

Please know that because each branches building design and operations vary branch-to-branch, these operations may look different at your location. 

Frequent Cleaning 

AC Supply utilizes cleaners that are on the EPA list of antimicrobial products for use against COVID-19 or have been granted as acceptable to use to kill COVID-19. Crew Members use these products to clean and disinfect all high-touch equipment and surfaces every 30 minutes, including: workstations, credit card readers, counters,  plexiglass barriers, door handles, cash and delivery bins, tables and shelves. 


As Customers arrive at the branch and enter the showroom, it is important to know health and well-being is our priority. Below are ways that ways branches are working to ensure a safe and healthy experience: 

  • Hand sanitizer stations available for customer use. 
  • Front counter plexiglass shields in between registers and customer payment systems to provide an extra layer of protection between Crew Members and Customers. 
  • To further limit person-to-person contact, Customers can text orders to each branch and have the order available for pick-up at the loading dock