Now Stocking Friedrich PTAC in 7k, 9k, 12k & 15k sizes

ZoneAire® Select PTAC

Reliable performance and low sound begins with durable materials and the highest quality components

Durable Construction

  • Superior materials and design reduce sound levels and improve overall guest satisfaction
  • Aluminum endplates reduce corrosion of the outdoor coil.
  • Galvanized zinc coated steel wall sleeve and steel base pan undergo an 11-step preparation process, are powder coated with a polyester finish, and are oven-cured at high temperature for exceptional durability.
  • Factory run-tested units reduce problems in the field.
  • Internal diagnostic program can alert maintenance to component failures or operating problems.
  • Easy access anti-microbial filters simplify maintenance and extend the life of the product.
  • Room freeze protection initiates heat if the temperature falls to 50°F inside an unoccupied guest room.
  • Random compressor restart protects electrical systems from overload when power is restored.
  • Tamper-resistant, anodized stamped aluminum grille withstands chalking and oxidation.
  • Break proof control door design maintains the integrity of the unit.
  • Indoor coil frost sensor protects the compressor to lengthen the life of the unit.
  • DiamonBlue Advanced Corrosion Protection® comes standard on all PTACs for long life in harsh coastal environments.