We now offer Thermostat Recycling

Instead of holding onto the thermostats you remove from job sites or tossing them in the trash, contact your local HVAC Wholesaler to see how easily you can dispose of mercury containing thermostats, at no cost to you.


What is the purpose of the Thermostat Recycling Corporation (TRC) program?
The goal is to recycle all mercury containing thermostats that a contractor replaces.

What should I do?
When you visit your wholesaler, put your used thermostats in the green bin
provided by TRC.

What thermostats can I recycle?
All brands of wall-mounted, mercury switch thermostats.

Should I take out the mercury switch?
No. Return the entire thermostat in tact, including the cover. The thermostat casing protects the mercury switch during shipment.

What’s not accepted under this program?

  • Loose mercury switches (bulbs)
  • Leaking mercury-switch thermostats
  • Electronic thermostats and
  • other thermostats without mercury switches Batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and
  • other devices containing mercury

What happens after I drop of the old thermostats?
When your wholesaler’s bin is full, the wholesaler sends it to TRC’s recycling center. The switches are removed and forwarded to a mercury recycler.

What else should I know?
Bring in old thermostats promptly. Don’t transport more than 100
thermostats at a time or keep them for more than ten days.

What if a homeowner brings me a thermostat that he or she removed?
Please accept it and recycle it with your other old thermostats.