LG Fest 2022 – Featuring the Home of Ron Sturgeon and Linda Allen

On March 25, 2022, AC Supply Co. invited over 100 HVAC contractors and guest from around DFW to gather at the home of Ron Sturgeon and Linda Allen. AC Supply planned this event to showcase the unique engineering and design of the LG Air Technology systems that conditions the space.


Ron and Linda designed their home in the Linwood neighborhood of Fort Worth out of six 45 foot shipping containers with a steel centered superstructure. The 5,500 square foot home includes a 9 car garage, engineered glass floors, third floor swimming pool, and roof top track. Each room of the home is curated with jaw-dropping art and unique finds that objectify their eclectic style.

Ron partnered with AC Supply to design a HVAC system that is effective, efficient and beautiful.

“Ron’s willingness and desire to be and do the unconventional has made us better system designers. Working with him has expanded our thoughts of what is possible. Doing what others are unwilling or afraid to do with HVAC equipment makes the mundane artistic” said James Fulton – Sales Director, AC Supply.


The main second floor living area is conditioned by an energy efficient LG vertical air handler with exposed duct. This traditional ducted infrastructure is a 4-way configurable unit that allows flexibility for this unique application and the opportunity to tuck the air handler behind the pantry in this attic free structure.

The remainder of the home is conditioned with 12 LG duct-free Art Cool™ Mirrored wall units. Art Cool™ Mirror duct-free systems feature sleek, mirror-finished indoor units, and outdoor units with energy-efficient Inverter technology. Inverter technology uses a variable speed compressor which is quieter to operate and uses less energy than conventional air conditioners. When the selected temperature is reached, the inverter compressor operates at low speed to maintain that comfort level.

During LG Fest the rooftop track feature was overshadowed by the contractors excitement to see the LG outdoor with ZERO penetrations. This installation design is only allowed by the inverter technology designed by LG.



AC Supply, established in 1959, is the dominant wholesale distributor of HVAC equipment and supplies in western DFW. AC Supply partnered with LG Air Technologies in 2011 and has continued to see tremendous growth of duct-free energy efficient products throughout north Texas.

(Pictured Left To Right: Randy Boyd, Kitty Boyd, Bob Norton, Lorie Quillin Bell, Linda Allen, Ron Sturgeon)


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Event Credits:

Home Credits:

  • Designed by Ron Sturgeon
  • Decorated, including colors, fixtures and lighting, by Linda Allen
  • Architect Ken Schaumburg
  • Engineer Nathan Douglas
  • Builder Dan Thomas
  • Job Superintendent Garret Davis
  • HVAC Installation Webb Air