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For truly customized comfort in all rooms in your home, consider an LG Duct-Free Split (DFS) system. LG DFS systems make it easier to provide customized cooling and heating—no more bulky window units and no need to tear down walls. LG DFS systems are THE smart alternative to traditional air conditioning.

How It Works

A DFS system is simply a reconfiguration of a traditional central air conditioner, consisting of an outdoor inverterdriven compressor / condenser unit, one or more indoor evaporator units, and a compact conduit for refrigerant piping and wiring. Instead of using one indoor evaporator coil / air handler to move cooled or heated air through ductwork as central air conditioners do, the indoor evaporator units are installed directly in each room. Because the indoor units deliver conditioned air directly into the room, the need for complicated ductwork is removed, and energy losses from air traveling through ductwork are reduced. And because each indoor unit has its own thermostat and controller, temperatures can be customized for each room.

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