AC Supply Partners with JB Warranty…and so should you!

JB Warranties is the leading provider of extended labor warranties for ALL brands of HVAC equipment.

  • Coverage on ALL brands and applications (Residential, Commercial, Ductless)
  • 2 years from installation date to purchase a warranty
  • Each JB Warranty includes a $65 trip charge/diagnostic
  • Labor rates up to $300 p/hr
  • 2 week claim reimbursement, no preauthorizations for claims
  • Lock in customer base
  • Free to Transfer
  • Increase revenue with NO overhead
  • Local support/training
  • Add value to your work
  • Set yourself apart from competitors
  • Free marketing materials
Extended warranties are a great way to lock in your customers for multiple years as well as generate more profit at the point of each sale. When combined with your company’s maintenance program you will also generate cash flow while protecting your customers investment.

JB Warranties programs allow the dealer to choose the hourly rate that is best for your company as well.

Beat the competition by increasing the value of your presentations… include a JB Warranties on EVERY proposal.