AC Supply Goes Solar

AC Supply has partnered with EightTwenty to maximize our downtown Fort Worth roof space and offset our energy consumption by installing 174 solar panels. These panels are predicted to produce 133,857-kilowatt hours annually and offset our energy cost by 85%.

“It was a no-brainer to invest in the sustainable future of the AC Supply facilities. The additional value to our property and the tax benefits made this an easy upgrade to our downtown location,” – Bryan Boyd, Vice President – AC Supply Co.

AC Supply – 100 Page Ave

By adding solar, we have gained the benefits of net metering, which has reduced our annual utility energy consumption from 158,000 kWh per year to 3,628 kWh per year.

AC Supply is an HVAC wholesale distribution company for the western DFW metroplex. Started in 1959, AC Supply now employs over 70 individuals and has over 140,000 sq ft. of warehouse space in Tarrant County. AC Supply is the stocking distributor for some of the top energy-saving products, including Frigidaire and LG, the 2023 energy star partner of the year.

“The items we stock and sell are designed to control the climate within homes and buildings. The HVAC systems in our homes and offices are the largest energy consumers; therefore, we spend hours learning about and educating our customers on the products that have the least impact on our environment. When AC Supply invested in solar for our office, we demonstrated that we are not only selling products that help the environment,  we committed to lowering our own environmental impact.” – Randy Boyd, President, AC Supply Co.

“EightTwenty’s goal is to empower companies like AC Supply to enjoy the benefits of clean, abundant solar energy and achieve their financial and sustainability goals. We are passionate to work with forward-thinking companies like AC Supply that lead out in their communities and we’re glad to serve them on this project.” – Walker- Sales Leader for EightTwenty

EightTwenty is a solar company based in Oklahoma City with an office in Arlington, Texas. Commercial solar additions are increasing due to recent legislation that created huge tax incentives for forward-thinking business owners and landlords that want to power their projects with clean, renewable energy. For more information, visit