AC Supply, established in 1959, is celebrating its 60th anniversary in 2019. After 60 years, AC Supply has committed to a philosophy that encourages growth, knowledge, and kindness. The key pillars of our philosophy are to Give First, Educate, and Provide Access. Today, we want to explore why Give First is our number one pillar.

Why We Give First:

AC Supply is committed to giving first to our community, to our customers and to our employees. Giving is our top priority because we believe firmly that it is our duty to be generous with our gifts, knowledge, and talents.


AC Supply works with Tarrant County area charities to provide goods, services, and financial support. Each November we partner with the Tarrant Area Food Bank to help end hunger. We also support Homes for our Troops through HARDI and various other local organizations throughout the year.


AC Supply’s commitment to customer service enables our employees to give knowledge, options, and support to our customers on a daily basis. Rather than declining or responding with “no” answers, our employees help customers solve problems. Each employee’s dedication to giving has vaulted AC Supply’s customer service reputation to the top of our industry.


AC Supply employees are given the opportunity for education, financial planning for the future, healthcare, and the opportunity to work for a family business that really is like a family. 

2019 is going to be a year full of celebration and we want to start by thanking all our customers for the opportunity to work with you each and every day. Cheers to 2019!