2018 Pre-Season Stock Savings

In 2018, AC Supply will be the place to find the right products to help your business take off. We are your source the best products and the right technology to launch your company to lead our industry in home comfort.

From March 1 – April 27, 2018, Save on the cooling parts you need for the summer season.

For 2018 stock orders vendors, we will be offering special incentives for our customers:


Stop by any location and pick-up a FREE Pre-Season T-Shirt!


By Purchasing a Stock Order, Contractors lock-in pre-season pricing including rebate and terms through April and on 1 order in June Rebates will be determined by purchases from participating stock vendors. Customer may use event sponsors products to help increase stock order amounts to reach higher levels, but rebates will only be paid for items purchased from the stock vendors Rebate and Terms are awarded by total purchase amount during the initial order • Rebates will be credited at the end of each month of the promotion (March 30th & April 28th) Each $1000 purchase qualifies the contractor in the prize drawing.  (One $3000 qualifying order would earn 3 entries) • All Term Conditions are Pending Credit Approval Promotion Subject to Change.