10% Rebate on Frigidiare

If you’re a new or former Frigidaire HVAC contractor who hasn’t purchased equipment in the past two years, then you’re eligible for Frigidaire Perks! Purchase at least $50,000 of equipment each year for three years, and you’ll get a rebate payout each year. There’s no cap or limit for equipment purchases, so there’s no limit on how much you can earn.

Who is eligible:

For new Frigidaire contractors or contractors who haven’t purchased NGH equipment in the past two years.


  • 3-year program
  • The minimum net purchase requirement is $50K in Frigidaire equipment to be eligible for the program.  The minimum purchase requirements are applicable in each program year, and equipment purchases Frigidaire cannot be combined to meet the $50K minimum per brand.
  • If the minimum purchase requirement is achieved, the incentive is calculated against the current program year’s total eligible purchases, back to dollar one.
    • Year 1: 10% volume rebate
    • Year 2: 7.5% volume rebate
    • Year 3:  5% volume rebate
  • Two 90-day enrollment periods per year:
    • First Enrollment Period:  January 1st through March 31st
    • Second Enrollment Period:  August 1st through October 31st
  • One-time annual payout based on the date they are first enrolled into the program, with no cap or limit on equipment purchases
  • Example: The contractor is enrolled on January 15, 2024. They have until January 14, 2025 to meet the $50,000 minimum purchase requirements.



$50K in equipment = $5,000 

$100K in equipment = $10,000 

$200K in equipment = $20,000 


$50K in equipment = $3,750 

$100K in equipment = $7,500 

$200K in equipment = $15,000 


$50K in equipment = $2,500 

$100K in equipment = $5,000 

$200K in equipment = $10,000